• Company owned land area: 1,50,000 sq. ft. 
  • Factory shed / covered work area: 60,000 sq. ft.
  • A 8,000 sq. ft. office with all necessary communication facilities. 
  • ERP program to integrate all business data to the best interest of the company and its customers. 
  • A fully functional office with dedicated departments for marketing, sales (commercial), purchase, production, quality and logistics

3D modeling using high-end soft wares like Pro Engineer and AutoCAD Etc

  • 1 No. Inductotherm make Medium Frequency Dual Track Induction Furnace of 1 MT / hour capacity. 
  • Tundish ladle for magnesium treatment of Ductile Iron. 
  • Pollution Control facility for environmental protection
  • Automated sand cooling system.
  • Sand Drier.
  • Sand Muller
  • One 500 kgs capacity Patel Furnace make Hanger type shot blasting machine with auto conveyer.
  • One 500 kgs capacity Indabrator make Table type shot blasting machine.
  • Ample swing frame grinders, bench , grinders and angle grinders for grinding the castings.
  • Spectrometer.
  • Image analyzer with camera attached to the microscope. 
  • UTM 20 Tons capacity Universal Testing Machine for Tensile strength, yielding strength and elongation. 
  • 3000 kgs Brinell Hardness Testing machine.
  • Sand testing Equipments : Mould Hardness Tester, Core Hardness Tester, Compressive Strength Tester, Permeability Meter, Compatibility Tester, Rapid Moisture Tester, Sieve Shaker with Sieve Set, Sand Rammer Set, Clay Washer, Methylene Blue Clay Tester, Bare Block, AFS Clay Machine, Shutter Index, Rapid Dryer.
  • Full fledged wet lab for chemical analysis.
  • Dimensional stability inspection.
  • Sectioning Machine.
  • Radiography testing outsourced.
  • Dedicated repairing section to minimize downtime.
  • In-house match plate mounting facility.
  • Measuring instruments that can produce accurate patterns.
  • Systematic pattern storage system of racks and powered handling mechanism to place individual match plates in allocated locations.

Fully machining facilities including:

  • Heat Treatment Furnace.
  • Painting - Black Bitumen or Primer
  • Epoxy Coating

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Bhalotia Group
Kaumudi, Muneshwari Bhawan, Contractors Area, Road No. 2, P.O. Bistupur, Jamshedpur- 831001

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